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Herbal Remedies

Living a naturally healthy life begins with natural remedies. That is why Better Living is proud to offer herbal remedies, as well as homeopathic health remedies from health stores in Toronto.

Herbal formulas have been around for centuries, providing proven health benefits to people throughout the ages. Now, we offer them to our customers in a variety of forms, including capsules, teabags, and loose tea, depending on your specific needs. We even offer fluid alcohol extracts of herbal plants from the trusted St. Francis Herb Farm, which are available in a variety of different dosages. This is just one reputable brand name available on our shelves. We also offer products from New Roots Organics, Genestra Brands, Orange Naturals, North American Herb and Spice, Nature’s Way, New Roots Herbals, AOR, and Thorne Research.

Here are just a few facts about herbal remedies that show how and why they help people:

  • 84% of those who have tried natural techniques, like herbal remedies and other natural medicine, say that they would use it again.
  • 74% of people want to take a natural approach to health care.
  • 40% of plants available for medicinal use contain compounds which are key ingredients in various types of medicine.
  • Medicinal plants are widely available; in fact, 2/3 of known medicinal plants available are in developing countries, which explains why they are so popular versus traditional medicine.

tabsWhether used in tinctures or capsules, the herbal remedies we provide are safe and effective, leading to better overall health and wellbeing. Our customers have used these trusted brands to help with conditions such as sleep deprivation and respiratory issues, and to build up their immune systems in preparation for cold and flu season. We also have formulas specifically targeting hormonal disruption in women, and can help you detoxify in order to further your health and weight loss goals.

Many of our customers love the herbal teas we provide as natural remedies for many ailments. Better Living has high-quality natural and organic tea products from trusted names, like Traditional Medicinal, Bija, Mesmer, Seelect, Wild Country, Organic Traditions and more. We offer both bagged and looseleaf varieties, many of which are available by the pound. We also honor requests for special orders, and do our utmost to fulfill special requests made by our clients for specific herbs. These teas can provide comfort and relief when you face conditions such as water retention and digestive distress.

ingredientsIf you would like to learn more, we invite you to contact us and consult with one of our in-store experts about the herbal remedies we can provide for your specific ailments. It is important to note that these remedies do not replace traditional medications prescribed by your doctor or physician. Even if you do not currently have any serious health conditions, we encourage all of our customers to consult with a physician in order to rule out possible problems or interactions with existing supplements, medications, or health concerns you may have.

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