Herbal Remedies

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Herbal remedies are necessary for giving an alternative and holistic way of improving one’s health condition. Most herbal supplements have been used for centuries because of their proven health benefits. Better Living stocks a large variety of healthy herbal products in liquid tincture, capsule, teabag and loose tea forms.

Fluid alcohol extracts of herbal plants from St. Francis Herb Farm are available in different sizes and dosages.


Not all herbal stores in Toronto have tinctures available. Better Living has tinctures made by New Roots Organics, Genestra Brands, as well as Orange Naturals. Our store also has other select herbal tinctures from other brands. Better Living is now selling individual herbal tinctures as well as combination formulas made for common health issues like detoxification, respiratory health problems, sleep deprivation, hormonal disruption in women, immune system deficiency, etc.


Better living also has a huge selection of natural herbal supplements in capsule, softgel and tablet forms.


Some of the numerous brands we carry that are in herbal pills form include: New Roots Herbals, Now Foods, Nature’s Way, North American Herb and Spice, Solaray, AOR, New Chapter and Thorne Research. From these brands, there are various types of herbal remedies available for different kinds of ailments. You can find these brands in most herbal stores.


One of the most popular herbal health products are teas. One may also drink herbal teas to relieve their health condition. Better Living carries a selection of high quality, wild-crafted, natural and organic tea products from highly reputable brands such as Traditional Medicinal, Bija, Mesmer, Seelect, Triple Leaf, Four O’Clock, Bell Lifestyles, Uncle Lee’s and Preferred Nutrition. Different kinds of herbal teas are made available to cure ailments from digestive issues to water retention to adrenal fatigue are available.

Loose Tea

Better Living carries an extensive selection of loose herbs available by the pound.

Choose from a wide range of herbal remedy products from Toronto available in store.

If you need something that we don’t have on stock, we will do our best to get it for you – we can make a special order for your convenience. We also carry a wide selection of organic loose tea products in smaller packages by Wild Country and Organic Traditions.

For more in-depth information on how natural herbal products may help you on your path to better health, please contact us for a free consultation regarding your health conditions. It is vital to know that these herbal supplements are not intended to replace medication/s prescribed by your physician or medical doctor. Even without any serious health conditions, you should always check with a medical professional first for contraindications with pre-existing supplements or current health problems. You will find a large variety of natural remedies in holistic herbal stores like Better Living.

Along with herbal remedies that can improve your quality of life, you may see Our Line of Healthy Home Products in This Link – these healthy home products aim to improve the condition of your living space so that you may enjoy health and wellness to the fullest. From filtering the allergens in your surroundings to improving the air you breathe, we got it all for you.

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