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Better Living is committed to enhancing the quality of life for our patients in Toronto by offering the very best in circulation technology. We are pleased to carry Incrediwear, a comfortable and functional apparel line utilizing cutting-edge fabrics. All Incrediwear products are made from Nano-Bamboo-Charcoal and/or Germanium which release beneficial negative ions allowing for an increase of blood circulation and volume to the area of the body on which they are being worn.

Negative ions are negatively charged particles, prevalent in nature, which stimulate molecular vibration within the body. Once stimulated, blood flow and blood speed are increased and bring more oxygen in the area of concern; in turn this allows for the body to regulate temperature, reduce swelling and fatigue, recover faster, augment performance and improve energy. Better Living offers an extensive product line of Incrediwear’s functional apparel includes knee, ankle, back and wrist braces, arm, calf, elbow and shin sleeves, waist sleeves and socks which provide the benefits of compression fabrics without the squeeze.


The socks come in a variety of styles including: sport, ski, hiking, merino wool, diabetic and dress for both women and men. The high thread count replicates the quality and comfort of the world’s highest quality fabrics ensuring quality, longevity, comfort and support making them comfortable when worn over an extended time period. The increase in blood circulation and volume allows for speedy recovery, increased thermoregulation, reduced swelling and pain, increased oxygen, flexibility and range of motion and increased support and comfort to the affected area. The high quality fabrics used are moisture wicking and antimicrobial to ensure comfort and to avoid unpleasant odors associated with less desirable fabrics. For more information on Incrediwear Technology or any of the other health foods and products we sell please contact our team of professionals at Better Living.

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