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Supplementation for Pet Health at Better Living in Toronto

In today’s toxic world both humans and pets experience the effects of exposure to an overload of toxins. Allergens found in food and toxins in chemical household products can have a negative impact on the health of your pet’s digestive tract, lungs, skin, liver and kidneys. By simply walking across a freshly washed floor pets may absorb the chemicals from detergents through their paws or tongue if they happen to lick the floor. This can result in skin rashes, chewing at irritated paws, loss of sheen in the fur and/or gastric upset.

The first line of defence to promoting a healthy digestive tract and gut flora is a good quality probiotic supplement designed for optimal pet health. Pets are prone to gastric upset due to food intolerances, allergens and poor quality food. Due to a processed food diet being linked to dietary and immune deficiency, we supply probiotics designed specifically for your pet’s health at our Toronto dispensary.

Fish oils are another important component of your pets supplementation as Omega 3 fatty acids from salmon oil are needed to maintain the cell membranes’ structure and function. They are also beneficial for reducing inflammation, building immunity, skin coat health, heart health, and behavioural and brain health.

As each year of your pets life is equivalent to approximately 7 years in humans years, a high quality liquid or powder multi-vitamin mineral supplement is useful to support them through this rapid progression. In addition Better Living also carries a full selection of pet products to help with joint pain, cleansing and restlessness.

Here at Better Living we offer a wide range of supplements which address the health of your pets. For more information please refer to the chart below and/or contact our Pet Health Care Specialist in-store for more information.

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