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Toronto’s aromatherapy massage is sought after for its relaxing effect.

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Scent is a powerful but underutilized sense; the power of smell can be highly stimulating for many people, and can help you relax when used the right way. Incorporating aromatherapy can be a wonderful way to enhance your massage session by using natural essential oils derived from plants and flowers to trigger the appropriate mood you want to achieve, such as calm, focus, or relaxation.

When you begin your massage session, you will first be asked to select your desired essential oil. Common choices include lavender, mint, citrus, and floral scents, as these are familiar and comforting. At Better Living, the leaders in Toronto’s aromatherapy massage market, we encourage you to pick your favorite scent in order to help with relaxation. Many people find aromatherapy massage effective for relieving stress, as well as easing muscle pain and tension.

In addition to experiencing improvements in mood from inhaling the scent of the essential oils, people also benefit from absorbing the oils through their skin, experiencing a nourishing and healing effect. These effects pair with the natural physiological benefits from massage in general, improving your overall feeling of wellness.

There are numerous psychological benefits to Toronto’s aromatherapy massage. The oils help relax the mind, which results in a relaxed physical state. This relieves stress, as well as depression and anxiety. People with tense, overworked, or stiff muscles often benefit from the massage from a physical standpoint, too. Massage often results in improvements in pain management, as well as restoring range of motion to muscles that were previously rigid and painful.

Better Living’s Registered Massage Therapist Camilla Singh has been successfully helping clients for the past 3 years. Our customers often report feeling calmer, relaxed and rejuvenated after a session. We offer appointments that are convenient for you. We recommend setting an appointment at a time where you will be able to bathe prior to your session, so that you do not have to bathe again for a full 24 hours after receiving your massage.

Camilla Singh RMT specializes in various areas of massage, including Indian Head Massage and Reflexology. Her services are covered by most insurance plans, as she is a member in good standing of the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario. She offers a complementary one hour massage for clients who purchase 5 one-hour massage sessions. Costs are as follows:
$55 – 30 minutes
$70 – 45 minutes
$85 – 60 minutes
$125 – 90 minutes
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