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Food Intolerance Testing

"Food intolerances testing is available in Toronto through Better Living."

Many people are familiar with the symptoms of being allergic to peanuts or shellfish as they are quite common. However, people may not be as aware of food intolerance. If you experience problems like abdominal discomfort, loose bowel movements, heart burn, or an upset stomach, but have been unable to locate the source of these symptoms, you may want to consider undergoing food intolerance testing. Food intolerance or sensitivity testing is available in Toronto via Better Living. Like other tests, such as blood tests and hair mineral analysis, this type of testing can give you greater insights into your overall health and help you understand what it is your body requires for optimal health.

Better Living offers both the ALCAT and CanAlt food intolerance tests, which frequently reveal clinically significant reactions that don’t fall within the conventional definition of allergy. This type of testing is essential, as intolerances can manifest themselves in different ways. Aside from digestive upset, food intolerances can be responsible for conditions such as fatigue, obesity, skin problems, joint inflammation, migraines, and even mental health issues. You may be able to experience significant improvements in these areas of your health by eliminating certain foods from your diet.

chemistryBetween 70% and 80% of people in North America suffer from some kind of food intolerance; however, for many of these individuals, these intolerances have not yet been identified, and they continue living with unhealthy conditions due to being unaware of what is causing the problem. Food intolerance or sensitivity testing is available in Toronto in order to prevent this from happening, so that people can start treating the cause of their health problems versus just treating the symptoms.

At Better Living, we are dedicated to your overall health and wellbeing. That is why we work with a certified nutritionist to help you pinpoint any foods you may be consuming that could actually be harming your body. Our nutritionist can administer the appropriate tests and discuss the results with you, in order to facilitate changes in your diet and lifestyle that will lead to helping you feel better.

Alcat Test

The Alcat Test measures food/immune reactions through the stimulation of leukocytes, which comprise five classes of white blood cells. These WBC’s can be challenged with individual food, herb or chemical extracts to see if they initiate an immunologic defense reaction resulting in inflammation. While this may be an effective first-line defense strategy against acute infections, chronic immune system activation may lead to health disorders.

Northern Illinois University’s nutrition and dietetics professor, Dr. Judith Lukaszuk wanted to find out if eliminating certain foods from a diet could affect chronic illness- the kind related to diabetes, heart disease and obesity. She embarked on a study to prove it and this is what she found…


The Alcat food intolerance test does not identify type 1 classical IgE mediated allergies as tested by your allergist. It also differs from IgG antibody testing in that since food and chemical sensitivities are mediated by multiple pathogenic mechanisms the Alcat test can identify both regardless of the pathway (immunologic, toxic, pharmacologic) unlike a single antibody such as IgG. This is of importance because cells release both free radicals and inflammatory mediators without antibody involvement and the majority of studies suggest that food specific IgG antibodies are protective and thereby not pathogenic. The ALCAT test is considered the “gold standard” laboratory method as ALCAT is the only lab using their very own designed and manufactured ROBOCat II instrument to perform an impedance method of blood cell counting and sizing.


The prices in Canadian dollars for Packages and Individual Antigens (Click on the image to enlarge):


Once the requisition has been filled and payment has been received (either by phone or in person) we will arrange for the mobile blood unit to come to your house at your convenience between Monday morning and Wednesday afternoon.  This is necessary as we require the blood to be handled in a manner that it arrives to the lab in Florida within a specific time period and temperature range.  There is an additional $75 charge for the blood withdrawal unit to come to your house.  The results are then sent to me first electronically within 7-10 business days at which time you have the option to have a free consultation to discuss the results either over the phone or in person.

CanAlt Food Intolerance Test

About the CanAlt Food Print200+ IGG food test.

Download CanAlt Food Sensitivity Patient Information Sheet

Here is a sample of the report you will receive following the test


The test is administered on-site at a cost of $399 and the results arrive electronically in 5-7 business days.

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