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Hair Mineral Analysis

"Your hair can reveal more about your health"

Hair mineral analysis is crucial to knowing more about one’s health. Testing available in Toronto.

Learn why hair mineral analysis or testing can help you become more aware of your health.

Health professionals are always seeking new ways to gain insights into their clients’ health and wellbeing. At Better Living, we believe that non-invasive testing methods give us the best and safest insight into a person’s overall health, which is why we use analysis tools such as live blood cell analysis and hair mineral analysis.

Click image below to see sample test results and complete list of toxic metals and minerals tested for.

sample results

In biology, hair is considered a soft tissue, meaning that it can be used as part of a soft tissue mineral biopsy. A study by Dr. Lawrence Wilson, MD, reveals that a person’s hair actually contains a better indicator of the presence of more than 20 different minerals than a traditional blood test does.

Aside from comprehensive hair mineral analysis, we can also use the hair to check for toxic elements such as heavy metals and other additional elements. As a premier health store in Toronto, we offer the option of a consultation with one of our professional staff whenever a hair analysis reveals deficiencies or the presence of harmful substance. This allows our customers can achieve optimal health using the insights they gain from these reliable tests.

Some people ask why we bother testing people for the presence of minerals at all. We do this because minerals are an essential component in your body. They act as facilitators, inhibitors, and co-factors, enabling different parts of your body to function correctly.  Without them, you are more prone to poor health and furthermore, the body may be more susceptible to absorbing and storing toxic substances and metals.

hair-mineral-analysisWhen you have a mineral deficiency, or when toxic substances are present, it is important to take action by doing the proper cleanses or taking the right supplements for your needs. Better Living helps our customers do this, using the results of the hair mineral analysis to guide them in the right direction regarding supplements and nutrition recommendations.

The process for obtaining and analyzing hair is simple. Better Living’s health professionals obtain a small hair sample from the back of the head. The sample is then sent to CanAlt Health Laboratories for analysis.

  • We receive the results of the hair analysis back within 7 business days.
  • We notify you immediately and you have the option of setting up an appointment for you to come in and discuss the results, including the presence of toxic elements, nutritional elements, non-nutritional elements and the significant ratios between them.

A hair analysis can reveal different things about your health than a traditional blood test.  Just by analyzing your hair, we can discover things like the presence of carbohydrate intolerance, understand your energy levels and organ conditions, reveal your stress patterns, and learn more about your toxic metal levels and nutritional requirements.

Beyond these benefits, this type of analysis is often more affordable than other types of medical testing, and less invasive than procedures like blood testing.  It can also give you a good idea of your specific vulnerabilities, so that you can take preventive measures and assist your body in preventing future problems.

The cost for the laboratory test and a 30 minute follow-up consultation is $175.For the initial consultation where the hair will be collected please ensure the closest inch of hair to the scalp at the top of the back of the neck is untreated (not color treated, straightened or permed), if this is not possible pubic hair may be used as an alternative. Also write down the names of your shampoo and conditioner as well as the last time you washed your hair and swam in a chlorinated pool and bring this information with you. The cost for a follow up appointment without the hair being tested is $50 for a half hour or $80 for a full hour.

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