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"Try Iridology in Toronto through our in-house expert Iridologist."

Try Iridology in Toronto through our in-house expert Iridologist.

You can often tell how someone is feeling or doing by looking at their eyes. The eyes may  appear tired,  bright, or even bloodshot. But did you know that the eyes can offer even deeper insights into your health? An in-house expert Iridologist is able to do a close analysis of your eyes in order to better understand areas of your body that might be troubling you.

Iridology-in-TorontoBetter Living offers on-site Holistic Iridology and Sclerology in Toronto as part of our commitment to provide non-invasive holistic healthcare services to our customers. We offer a multitude of natural healing and wellness services, including registered massage therapy, reflexology, and the ion cleanse foot detox bath.

The practice of Iridology began in 1665, and was originally known as eye diagnosis. Its counterpart, Sclerology, is also often used in conjunction with Iridology, giving the observer a good idea of health issues that a person might have, even before any symptoms start to manifest. The colored portion of your eye is the iris, and the white part is called the sclera, which is where Iridology and Sclerology derive their names. Both the sclera and the iris can reveal a great deal about what is going on in your body, including levels of toxicity, stress, or existing blockages.

The eyes are a truly magnificent part of the body, unique in many ways from any other part, which is why they are a useful area to examine when evaluating someone’s health. It is little wonder people view them as the window to the soul, and an Iridologist as the window to your health.

The methodology behind Iridology involves examining the iris and noting the different parts of the iris that correspond with different areas, organs, and parts of your body. Whenever a problem is present, either due to stress, blockages, or toxicity, a spot or mark will appear in the corresponding area of your iris, giving a warning sign that something is not right.

Many people examine Iridology charts online or do eye analysis using software; however, only a trained expert Iridologist can provide an accurate reading that can tell you what your eyes are revealing about your health. The Iridologist can then make recommendations for improving your health by offering specific insights and ideas about changes in lifestyle, nutrition, and supplements.

Iridology cannot diagnose specific diseases but it can offer indications of systemic strengths and weaknesses. Iridology is also used as a guide in the assistance of addressing health concerns such as pain and inflammation, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), indigestion, constipation, weight loss, fibromyalgia, menopause, fatigue, migraines and many more.

Iridology can be performed by non-medical practitioners, but you should ensure that the Iridologist you select has been well-trained. He or she can then tell you preventive measures to take in order to avoid symptoms and disease related to what your eyes reveal about your health. The primary benefits of Iridology are that your eyes can often reveal the presence of problems before they appear as symptoms, and the procedure of having your eyes examined is fast, non-invasive, and painless. Sclerology works in much the same way, providing early warnings about potential health problems before they turn into major issues.

At Better Living, our Iridologist is able to do a full assessment using a Pesek Clinical Digital Zoom-Iriscope, which is the most advanced iriscope in the world. It creates detailed, 12 mega pixel digital images, allowing for both photography and live-eye examination.

Contact us today to make an appointment with our in-house Iridologist Danny Singh. We can offer you deeper insights into your health, giving you the opportunity to make informed decisions about the supplements and nutrition you need to achieve better overall wellbeing. The cost of an initial 1 hour Holistic Iridology and Sclerology session is $100 and follow up sessions (without the eyes being photographed) are $50 for a half hour or $80 for an hour.

Below, find some examples of Sclerology and Iridology charts for your reference.

Your health can be revealed with your eyes through an Iridologist's assessment.

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