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Live and Dry Blood Cell Analysis

"Improve your health through live blood cell analysis."

Improve your health through live blood cell analysis.

Few parts of our body can reveal as much about our health as our blood. Blood can reveal deficiencies and conditions that give us insights into our overall wellbeing. That is why Better Living offers live blood cell analysis to help you learn more about your health.

When you are trying to improve your health, you may take many different approaches including working with doctors and other health care professionals such as a holistic nutritionist in Toronto. These professionals will usually rely on any number of tests to learn more about your body, so that they can identify factors that might be negatively impacting your health.

microscopeWith live blood cell analysis, you can identify deficiencies in your body so that you can learn which supplements will have the most benefit to you. This differs from basic blood typing, which is simply used to identify what type of blood you have; that type of test is also beneficial, as it can give you a good idea of what type of diet to follow, but this test goes even further. It involves using high resolution dark-field microscopy in order to observe your cells; through this method, you learn more about your health through live blood cell analysis.

Live blood cell analysis is a blood test carried out by extracting a single drop of blood from the fingertip, placing it on a microscope slide and then observing it through a high-powered microscope. The dark field microscope projects the image onto a screen, creating images that we can then use to analyze your blood for the following:

√ Immune Activity

√ Allergies

√ Fungal or Bacterial Forms

√ Parasites

√ Hormonal Imbalance

√ Cholesterol Crystals

√ Iron/B12/Folate Deficiency

√ Over Acidity

√ Digestive Function

√ Circulatory Issues

Your blood can reveal a great deal about your health, giving us insights into over 25 different facets of your body.  With this data, a qualified nutritional consultant can identify deficiencies you might have in terms of vitamins and minerals, as well as alert you to toxic levels of other components in your blood. The test also shows infections and can reveal important information about possible allergies.

bloodcellBetter Living performs live blood cell analysis for customers by appointments.  The process involves getting a brief medical history, so that the nutritionist can be aware of any problems from which you currently suffer.  The nutritionist may also discuss your diet and daily activities in order to get a comprehensive look at your overall health needs.

In addition to learning more about your health through live blood cell analysis, you will also learn what kinds of diet and exercise choices work best for people of your blood type, giving you better insights into what it will take to achieve your optimum level of health. This testing is just one way customers at Better Living get more individualized attention and care, so that they can work on a diet and supplement plan that works best for them.

The cost for an 1 hour consultation is $75.

What you need to do 3 hours before the appointment:

Fast (no food or liquids)
Drink water – 1 litre

What to expect at your appointment:

The appointment will take 45 minutes to an hour. This includes an intake of your medical history and nutritional consultation.

Dry (Layered) Blood Cell Analysis

Dry (layered) blood cell analysis is a screening tool that involves pricking the tip of your finger and dabbing a single drop of blood onto a microscope slide 8 times. The blood is then left to dry in the open air for approximately 30 seconds and once dried it is placed under the microscope and magnified onto a high resolution TV monitor/screen. The approximate time to complete the dry (layered) blood cell analysis is 10-15 minutes and it is always done after the live blood cell analysis.


Observed in the Dry Blood Cell Analysis:

Inflammation, degeneration and toxicity of connective tissues and organs such as heart, lungs, breasts, liver, kidney, pancreas, prostate and ovaries
Digestive and adrenal stress
Magnesium deficiency
Heavy metal toxicity levels
Free radical/oxidative stress

Live Blood Cell Analysis – $75.00 plus tax

Dry (Layered) Blood Cell Analysis – $25.00 plus tax (when done with Live Blood Cell Analysis)

Live and Dry Blood Cell Analysis may be covered under extended medical benefits. Insurance companies that are currently covering nutritional consulting include Green Shield and Manulife.

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