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Better living and its staff have been extremely helpful to me. If it wasn’t for them, I would be choosing supplements that I would hear about from friends and advertisers instead of professionals who know more about them and are more unbiased. Thank you. – Lilian, Etobicoke

Being an advocate for all things natural and organic, I love how Better living helped me find the right herbal remedies and natural supplements to improve my health. I was diagnosed with fatty liver disease in February 2013 and after a month of taking the supplements that their nutritionist gave me, I went back to be tested and found that my liver is back to normal again! I can’t be more thankful. – Adriana, Toronto

I am so thankful that I have a store that pays attention to me and doesn’t just see me as a number. They care enough to make sure that I have the right information before I buy supplements or anything else. I really appreciate that. – Mike, Dundas West

We get our family’s nutritional supplements from Better Living. They always have the freshest stocks and the best natural ingredients in the brands they have in their store. – Paulie M., Etobicoke

It’s too bad that not every neighbourhood has a store like this. I come from across the city just to get the service that they give. They pay attention to my needs. Thank you very much for all your help over the years. – Karen, Toronto

My wife and I have been shopping Better Living on occasion for our family’s supplements and health foods for years. Now with their lower prices and specials we never go anywhere else! – S & L Etobicoke, ON

Danny was able to help my mom with her numerous health issues when all else had failed and for that I am forever grateful. I now tell anyone who will listen to book an Iridology appointment. – Russell C, Newmarket, ON

I love shopping at Better Living because the customer service is always on point , any questions I have Danny, Nelia and the rest of the staff are always willing to explain and inform me to the best of their ability, it has been years I have been seeing Danny for all my health care needs. Whether it be during cold and flu season or appointments for iridology or live blood cell appointments I feel confident and comfortable that I will be taken care of 110%. Thank you Better Living for always going above and beyond for me and my family since day one. You truly are amazing and show just how passionate you are about all of us.
Daniela Trimboli

Thank you for all the help and good products you have provided for me for several years.
Best wishes, Olive R.

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