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Vitamins and supplements for men’s, women’s, children’s and seniors’ health.

Toronto is home to a unique community: as a city, we are far more concerned with health and nutrition than most other areas that share large populations of people. The Toronto Health System Intelligence Project reveals that, compared with Ontario as a whole:

  • Toronto has a lower proportion of people who suffer from arthritis, rheumatism, and chronic bronchitis;
  • Toronto’s population has fewer people suffering from being overweight or obese;
  • Toronto has reduced hospitalization rates based on age standards.

On top of these facts, the Institute of Holistic Nutrition has revealed that we are much more likely to take a natural and holistic approach to health and healing, as well. That is why it is important to find a reliable source for wholefood vitamins and supplements for men’s and seniors’ health as well as childrens’ and women’s health.

This approach is necessary, given the modern day propensity for stress:

  • 23% of Canadians older than 15 report they are “quite a bit” or “extremely” stressed.
  • On average, Canadians work 36.6 hours per week.
  • As much as 45% of the population around the world suffers from some kind of sleep problem.

With long hours revolving around working and studying, not getting enough exercise, and making poor nutrition choices, it is little wonder that people are concerned about their health.

Fortunately, modern technology in nutrition has made it possible for people to fulfill their needs with natural supplements, containing the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, and other building blocks needed for health.

Better Living dispenses a wide range of products available depending on your age, fitness level, and nutritional requirements:

Healthy living starts early, and can become a positive habit to maintain throughout a person’s lifetime; with health supplements especially made for kids’ health needs, you can get your child off to the right start for living a healthy, happy life.

As people age, they become more concerned with seniors’ health and what products suit them best. We offer a number of supplements specially geared toward maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle as you grow older.  Better Living specializes in supplements specific to maintaining brain, vision, heart and joint health with age.

In addition to helping you find the right products based on your current stage in life, and addressing concerns that are unique to men and women, we also help you pinpoint different deficiencies and health concerns. Our full product lines are geared toward providing important vitamins and supplements for women’s, childrens’, men’s and seniors’ health.

Contact our professional staff today to learn how we can help you, or pay us a visit at our Toronto store.

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